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What do we do?

We strive to contribute to improved livelihoods of the rural poor and disadvantaged communities including women, children, and person with disabilities, youth and the elderly through:

Improved Access to Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH)

Within this intervention, VAD focuses on promotion of access to safe water and improvement of sanitation and hygiene within the communities

Livelihood improvement (Food security)

There has been increase in rural incomes in the areas where VAD implemented food security and rural income mobilization interventions. The target communities can afford basic household items such as: sugar, salt, paraffin, books and pencils for their children.

Family Economic Empowerment (FEE)

Family Economic Empowerment is a sub-theme under Livelihood and Economic Empowerment. Within the Family Economic Empowerment program, VAD will mobilize organized women and youth groups in Wakiso and Amuria districts to start or boost their own income generating projects.

Peace building and Conflict Resolutions

This program is being implemented within Amuria district, north eastern Uganda due to the Joseph Kony rebel activities and inter-tribe conflicts (Teso and Karamajongs) challenges that prevailed.

School Infrastructure Improvement and Child Support Services

This is one of the thematic areas that VAD is implementing. Learning environment within schools in Uganda is characterized by shortages in infrastructure that includes latrines, classrooms, desks, water and teachers’ houses.

Youth and Women Economic Empowerment

Technical Vocational Education Training (TVET); Business Vocational Education Training(BVET); Advocacy - Gender Based Violence (GBV).

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